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Mileage Correction Sutton

Mileage Correction Sutton

Dash Wizard Mileage Correction Services Sutton

Call now for a quote: 07958 171 171


Welcome to Dash Wizard, the experts in Digital Speedometer Adjustment throughout Sutton. We provide mileage correction services in Sutton. As one of the leading digital dashboard companies we are able to provide our mobile service 7 days a week in Sutton.

As a professional and established Speedometer Services Company in Sutton we are able to adjust the digital odometer of almost

any vehicle, from an Audi Car to an Aprilia motorcycle, a Black Taxi to a Bus. 'Give us a call, we do it all'

Many of today's modern vehicles have multiple memories where the mileage is stored. Dash Wizard only use the most up to date and advanced digital equipment to locate the memories and safely carry out the work, whether you need miles back or miles forward.

Most modern cars are now using digital speedo displays, these units are more likely to develop a fault. Some of the most important data is located within the digital dashboard including the mileage, fuel, temperature and Speed as well as technical information such as the vehicle identification number which can in fact prevent the vehicle from functioning as it should.

Sometimes simply disconnecting and reconnecting a vehicles battery can send an electronic fault to the speedo causing an inaccurate digital mileage reading. This is when a digital speedometer adjustment in Sutton would be needed. A typical speedo fault is illustrated in this Mileage correction report.

 Mileage Correction in Sutton is legal, however it is an offence if the vehicle is sold and the new keeper is not informed that a mileage adjustment has been carried out.

Dash Wizard are an established and reputable company who are committed to Excellent customer service, google us to view testimonials from our happy customers. All work is fully guaranteed. 

    change mileage of my car in surreyOur pricing structure is very competitive and we will always strive to beat any genuine quote. But when comparing prices please bare in mind that you really do 'get what you pay for' in this industry. If you receive a quote that is substantially lower than another quote then ask yourself why. The likely answer is that the so called 'company' in question is:
    1. Either using inferior and cheap equipment which will have a high possibility of causing damage or erasing important information from the vehicle's ECU.
    2. They are inexperienced in the Mileage Adjustment procedure.
    3. They will cut corners and not correct all the memories that store the mileage, therefore leaving you with a vehicle that has discrepancies stored in the system, one trip to the main dealer or plug in a diagnostic tool and the discrepancy becomes immediately visible. You may be able to save yourself a few pounds elsewhere but the consequences may be disastrous and could cost you ££££s.

Call now for a quote: 07958 171 171

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