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700,000 Miles And Counting

An American car owner has revealed how he has managed to clock up a mileage of over 700,000 in his 1967 Mercury Cougar which he has owned since the vehicle was just a year old.

The car has travelled 718,915 miles, much of which was driven by the owner himself, that's enough miles to take him to the moon, three times!

During it's long life the car has been through six new engines, but many of the other parts are the originals.

With this kind of mileage it is likely the car will have needed a new odometer at some point or required mileage correction if there was ever a problem with the odometer reading, this could be caused by dashboard damage or an electrical fault.

DW Mileage Correction are specialists in providing mileage correction software and can repair the mileage on any vehicle that has a problem with the reading either displaying incorrectly or not at all.

For information and advice about all aspects of mileage correction contact DW Mileage Correction on 0208 873 1234.

How Does Mileage Affect Car Values?

When buying a new car most people have a number of specific requirements on their wish list, normally the criteria will relate to the style of car, colour, functionality and very often the mileage and vehicle history.

Taking into account the mileage when buying a new car is viewed as important by many people as it tells the potential buyer how much use the vehicle has had, the higher the mileage the longer the car has been driven, which means the engine and other parts have been on the road and under stress for longer than an equivalent vehicle with a lower mileage.

The mileage of a car can significantly effect the value, a quick search of car sales adverts shows differences of up to 40% between almost identical vehicles where one had a mileage of 30,000 and another over 100,000.

Some would argue that potential buyers are being over cautious and that due to the way modern cars are built they will keep going well over 100,000 miles so long as they are looked after and regularly serviced.

However, there is no getting away from the fact that a car with a lower mileage will always be more valuable than the same vehicle with more miles on the clock.

DW Mileage Correction are specialists in digital mileage correction software services and can help anyone who needs the mileage on their odometer resetting, this could be following an accident or damage to the dashboard or an electrical fault in the car, for more information contact DW Mileage Correction on 0208 873 1234.

What Mileage Is My Journey?

Before setting out on a long car journey it is important to know the mileage that will need to be driven and the approximate length of time it will take to reach the destination.

Having this essential information about mileage and journey times will help the driver establish if they should take a break, share the driving and estimate if and when they will need to re-fuel the vehicle.

A quick search on the internet offers many such journey planners, allowing the mileage to be plotted right to the front door of the destination, likewise, modern satellite navigation systems offer a similar level of technology and information.

It is advisable to re-set the trip meter on the odometer to zero before starting a long journey in order that the mileage travelled can easily be tracked, this will help gauge when best to make the next fuel stop or driving break.

The most important piece of advice before undertaking a long journey is to be fully prepared and research the route, mileage and journey time.

DW Mileage Correction are digital mileage correction software specialists, for advice and information about mileage correction for your vehicle call 0208 873 1234.

Mot Tests Linked to Mileage

Possible changes to the MoT testing system in the UK could spell confusion for car owners and mean big changes for vehicle testing centres.

Currently vehicles in the UK must have an MoT when they reach three years old, this is followed by an annual test, a vehicle is not permitted on UK roads without a valid MoT.

However under new proposals the MoT would be linked to the vehicles mileage and the test would take place when the vehicle reaches certain "mileage milestones".

The UK MoT system is due to be reviewed in the coming months and it is widely thought that a system of matching the test with the vehicle mileage will be implemented.

DW Mileage Corrections are specialists in digital mileage correction, this is a process to re-set or adjust the mileage of a vehicle after the odometer reading has become corrupt, malfunctioned or failed for any reason, this can happen in many ways but most commonly due to damage or electrical failure.

For information and advice about digital mileage correction contact DW Mileage Correction on 0208 873 1234.

Watchdog Report

Peugeot 307 Faulty Speedometer Watchdog Report

Over the last couple of years Watchdog viewers have been telling us rather a lot about their Peugeot cars. Now it seems, it's the turn of the Peugeot 307. It's a car, quite literally, able to go that extra mile.

Mike Jefferies bought his 307 last June. After a few months he noticed that the mileage was going up rather quickly. It was then that his friend, Stuart, remarked that his own 307 seemed to have a similar problem. Mike estimates that he's done approximately 9,000 miles, but the actual mileage on the car is now 11,300. He says that he knows it's 4.9 miles from his house to the golf course, but on one journey the main mileage had gone up by 9 miles.

Mike's local Peugeot garage knew of his problem but didn't know how to fix it. They said they'd let him know when they did. He waited three months before contacting them again. He was told that Peugeot were still working on a solution. Since then, Mike has been keeping a record of his mileage and over a ten day period his trip said 273 miles - but the main mileage had gone up by 343, an increase of 70 miles.

Stuart Ash has his 307 on a lease deal - he keeps it for 12 months, and is only allowed to do a set mileage over that period. If he goes over 10,000 miles then he's charged for every extra mile.

Peter Lowe's 307 also started clocking excessive miles soon after he bought it. Worse still, it was clocking up miles even when it wasn't moving. When the door is opened the mileage display comes on, and when you close the door and start the ignition it puts a couple of miles on. He says the difference in mileage is around 30 percent - that this means the service interval would come around 30 percent more often and the higher mileage will affect the resale value.

Jeff Paterson, of Glass's Motoring Guide, explains that these cars could create uncertainty in the market place and that they would be very difficult to sell on. He says people would be put off from buying if the mileage is inaccurate, because how do they know that the true mileage isn't much higher?

And if the owner sells the cars, knowing that the mileage is higher than it genuinely is and doesn't tell the buyer, then they are leaving themselves open to legal recourse.

Peugeot has known about the problem since late summer but has continued to sell 307s without telling customers. Martin Sullivan bought his in December. He says that for every 100 miles he drives, it's adding an extra 25 to the clock and that sometimes it can jump much higher.

Martin's dealer eventually agreed to give him a replacement 307. He was informed that it had only happened to a few people, so he was shocked to discover that the new car had the same problem.

Peugeot admit they've found a mileage calculation fault in the car's software, and that a download to put it right is now available free to affected drivers. Peugeot have now begun a recall campaign and say those drivers should contact their local dealer.


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