Modern Cars Are Lasting Longer

Modern cars are built to last, these days it isn't uncommon for a car that is well looked after, cared for and regularly serviced to go twice round the odometer and reach a mileage reading of over 200,000 miles.

In the past, once the mileage reading on a car hit around the 100,000 mark it was often considered ready for the scrap yard, but modern technology and progress with longer lasting and harder wearing parts has meant the life expectancy of many cars is now more than doubled.

With modern cars having such a long life span there is a high likelihood that at some point the vehicle will need a mileage correction, this could be due to damage to the dashboard or an electrical problem that causes the mileage display to give incorrect data and false readings.

DW Mileage Correction are specialists in electronic mileage correction for all types of vehicle, including, cars, vans, lorries, taxis and much, much more, for more information about mileage correction for your vehicle contact DW Mileage Correction on 0208 873 1234.

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