What is an Odometer?

The precise meaning of  "odometer" (also known as a mileometer or milometer) is a device that provides the distance travelled by a car or other vehicle (van, truck, lorry, motorcycle etc'). Depending on the vehicle an odometer could be electronic, mechanical, or sometimes a combination of both.

The word Odometer comes from the Greek words hodós, meaning "path" or "gateway" and "métron", "measure".

In most older vehicles a top mileage reading of 99,999 was enough but with modern technology and improvements over time it was necessary to add an extra digit to allow the mileage reading to go above and beyond 100,000 miles.

When an odometer reaches the highest reading it will return from zero and start again, this term is commonly known in the UK as "going round the clock".

Although most new cars and vehicles are well built and the dashboard housing the odometer is normally well protected the device can still become damaged and fail, damage to the odometer can be caused by impact or more commonly as a result of electrical fault.

When damage occurs to the odometer it will normally give an incorrect reading or no mileage reading at all, in this situation it will be necessary to use mileage correction software to fix the odometer and ensure the correct mileage is displayed again.

DW Mileage Correction are specialists in providing mileage correction software and can help reset the mileage reading on almost any type of vehicle.

For information and advice about mileage correction software contact DW Mileage Correction on 0208 873 1234.

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