Mot Tests Linked to Mileage

Possible changes to the MoT testing system in the UK could spell confusion for car owners and mean big changes for vehicle testing centres.

Currently vehicles in the UK must have an MoT when they reach three years old, this is followed by an annual test, a vehicle is not permitted on UK roads without a valid MoT.

However under new proposals the MoT would be linked to the vehicles mileage and the test would take place when the vehicle reaches certain "mileage milestones".

The UK MoT system is due to be reviewed in the coming months and it is widely thought that a system of matching the test with the vehicle mileage will be implemented.

DW Mileage Corrections are specialists in digital mileage correction, this is a process to re-set or adjust the mileage of a vehicle after the odometer reading has become corrupt, malfunctioned or failed for any reason, this can happen in many ways but most commonly due to damage or electrical failure.

For information and advice about digital mileage correction contact DW Mileage Correction on 0208 873 1234.

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