What Mileage Is My Journey?

Before setting out on a long car journey it is important to know the mileage that will need to be driven and the approximate length of time it will take to reach the destination.

Having this essential information about mileage and journey times will help the driver establish if they should take a break, share the driving and estimate if and when they will need to re-fuel the vehicle.

A quick search on the internet offers many such journey planners, allowing the mileage to be plotted right to the front door of the destination, likewise, modern satellite navigation systems offer a similar level of technology and information.

It is advisable to re-set the trip meter on the odometer to zero before starting a long journey in order that the mileage travelled can easily be tracked, this will help gauge when best to make the next fuel stop or driving break.

The most important piece of advice before undertaking a long journey is to be fully prepared and research the route, mileage and journey time.

DW Mileage Correction are digital mileage correction software specialists, for advice and information about mileage correction for your vehicle call 0208 873 1234.

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