How Does Mileage Affect Car Values?

When buying a new car most people have a number of specific requirements on their wish list, normally the criteria will relate to the style of car, colour, functionality and very often the mileage and vehicle history.

Taking into account the mileage when buying a new car is viewed as important by many people as it tells the potential buyer how much use the vehicle has had, the higher the mileage the longer the car has been driven, which means the engine and other parts have been on the road and under stress for longer than an equivalent vehicle with a lower mileage.

The mileage of a car can significantly effect the value, a quick search of car sales adverts shows differences of up to 40% between almost identical vehicles where one had a mileage of 30,000 and another over 100,000.

Some would argue that potential buyers are being over cautious and that due to the way modern cars are built they will keep going well over 100,000 miles so long as they are looked after and regularly serviced.

However, there is no getting away from the fact that a car with a lower mileage will always be more valuable than the same vehicle with more miles on the clock.

DW Mileage Correction are specialists in digital mileage correction software services and can help anyone who needs the mileage on their odometer resetting, this could be following an accident or damage to the dashboard or an electrical fault in the car, for more information contact DW Mileage Correction on 0208 873 1234.

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